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Move Over Bob Vila!

22 October 2014

When RWD comrade, rabid Bulldog fan, and hockey mom extraordinaire Dawn tweeted her DIY hockey furniture a few weeks ago, I thought it was so cool I wanted to share it with you all. Dawn is a great lady and lifelong Bulldog fan, and you know she’s raising her son right because his dream is to lace ’em up for tDogs. Clearly a genius kid. His peewee team scored lots of goals last year to help raise money for Top Shelf to Food Shelf, which is coming up in a few weeks!

She told me the lamp is made from a lamp kit, a hollow composite stick, and scraps of sticks from the wooden sticks she used for the bed below. Somehow she found one brand new glove, and she got the shade at Goodwill.
For the bed, she found a free headboard and upcycled it by replacing the spindles with old wooden sticks.

This is so freaking cool. There are so many broken hockey sticks in this crazy, mixed-up world, and there’s no reason for them to end up in landfills or dumps or Lake Springfield alongside Homer’s silo of pig crap.

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