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From Top Shelf to Food Shelf

11 December 2013

As I mentioned in my previous post, I will donate $5 to the Northern Lakes Food Bank for every Bulldog goal this weekend. There is no limit on this donation nor are there any other contingencies.

At the bottom of this post, I’ll add in folks who have made their own pledges as they come in. Keep checking!

According to the Northern Lakes Food Bank website, “for $1.00 we can distribute approximately 5 meals to children, senior citizens and working families.” That’s powerful. Every Bulldog goal can provide 25 meals. We can now assume all people frantically yelling “Shooooooooooooooot!” this weekend simply want me to make more donations.

This also means every save made by Frank Slubowski, Lukas Hafner, Sam Bloomberg, Julie Friend, Jacqueline Audet, or Katie Fitzgerald means 25 people don’t get a meal. TWENTY FIVE PEOPLE GO HUNGRY PER SAVE. THINK ABOUT THAT, BIG SLUBOWSKI.

I want to ask you all to participate in some way, as well. Bloggers, media, Bulldogs fans, enemy fans, neutral fans, spambots, people looking for shirtless player pictures, anyone who happens upon this post: can you make your own pledge?

It doesn’t have to be $5. It could be $1 per goal, or 1 can of soup. It doesn’t have to be Bulldog goals; you can base it upon your own team (UAH fans, you should probably pick a team that can actually score). Heck, it doesn’t have to be hockey. You could pledge $5 per call that completely screws over the Vikings. (That might plunge us all into bankruptcy.) You could pledge $0.01 per dorky thing Bruce Ciskie says during play-by-play this weekend. That would mean more pennies than are in your average wishing well. You could donate a toy to Toys for Tots for every Bulldog win this weekend. You could just make a donation not tied to anything. You could just bring an extra teddy bear for the Teddy Bear Toss on Friday.

It also doesn’t have to be the Northern Lakes Food Bank, but try to keep your donation local. I was inspired to this pledge by folks in my community who helped me when I was in need; now it’s my turn to help my neighbors.

Retweet (hashtag: #TopShelfToFoodShelf), reblog, spread the word, and let me know if you’re making a pledge of your own! I’d love for this to catch on, but if it doesn’t, there’s always next year.

Generous comrades making their own pledges include:
Dawn: $1 per tUMD men’s goal, $1 per goal scored by her son’s peewee team
Ryan: $10 per power play goal, $20 per shorthanded goal
Nicole: $5 per UW-Madison men’s goal, donating to Hunger Task Force to help get Christmas hams!
Nick/Arrowhead Paint: $5 per tUMD goal
Jon: $10 per tUMD goal
Rob: $5 per MTU goal, $1 per MTU goalie save
Lindsey/Diva: $10 per NMU GOAL!!!! to Feeding America’s West Michigan Food Bank in Ishpeming
Andy: 1 can of soup per MSU-M and UAH goal this weekend, to Fulda Food Shelf
Neil: $10 per SCSU men goal, plus $20 if Union gets shut out, to Catholic Charities Food Shelf in St. Cloud
Jeremy: $5 per SCSU men’s goal
Biddco: $20 per Sammy Spurrell goal

(This hasn’t come up yet, but I want to clarify, please make the donation directly; I am not able to collect money for donation)


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