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Party Like It’s 1999

11 November 2014

tUMD 3, Meth Heads 2 (OT)/tUMD 3, Meth Heads 1
tUMD women off, stupid Canada wins Four Nations Cup

With a sweep of St. Cloud all things are possible.

If tUMD can sweep in St. Cloud, they can surely win a national championship.
If tUMD can sweep in St. Cloud, I can surely get a good grade on this project I’m avoiding by writing this post.
If tUMD can sweep in St. Cloud, Lockheed Martin can surely make a commercially viable fusion reactor.
If tUMD can sweep in St. Cloud, we can precisely know the position and momentum of a particle simultaneously.
If tUMD can sweep in St. Cloud, Israelis and Palestinians can live in peace with a mutually agreeable solution.

I would post a YouTube video of 1999 but Prince is kind of a nutjob about letting people listen to his music for free. 1999 was the last time tUMD swept in St. Cloud. It makes no sense. Fortunately, there’s no Finnish translation for “tUMD is cursed in St. Cloud,” so Kas didn’t even know about the hex and blithely went about his business, making save after save, helped out a bit by the butt of Karson Kuhlman (making Saturday’s game perhaps the first game ever where a butt both scored a goal and saved a goal for tUMD), and we sweep sweep sweepity swept those Huskies!

Shouldn’t a sweep in hockey be called a “shovel?” Or something similarly winterrific?

Also remember when it was actually 1999 and we panicked over Y2K? Well, I didn’t panic, I was 17 and spent New Year’s Eve watching Labyrinth with 2 of my friends.

tDogs’s effort out of the gate on Friday night only proved there’s absolutely no reason they’ve been terrible on other Fridays, with the exception of maybe the first weekend when they were still trying to remember how to play hockey after the long layoff. They’ve been capable of playing at that level for weeks now and I don’t know why they hadn’t been. But no more! We shall be treated to sweep after sweep now that the guys have it figured out. Granted, they didn’t sustain the Friday effort for the whole game and let SCCC back in the game, but, baby steps. Also, I would like to point out that even that level of effort would have won them every other Friday game they’ve played this year.

Perhaps tDogs have discovered the true meaning of #KrauseStrong?

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