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An NCHC Thanksgiving

28 November 2014

How did you folks spend your Thanksgiving? I hope whatever you did, it was fun. I hope you weren’t being a jerk and shopping at 6:00 PM yesterday. I stayed in Duluth and had porketta, because we have fully assimilated to the Northland.

I checked in with the NCHC teams to see how they celebrated, and all the teams responded with a nice snapshot!


A small snack for CC players or fans.


The DU hockey team visits with friends.


Enrico Blasi cooks for his team.

North Dakota
North Dakota fans honor the original spirit of the holiday.

St. Cloud

Yes, I know this is actually from St. Cloud’s Christmas card last year. It’s pretty much how they spend all holidays.


Dean Blais with his 800 million year old mother and DU’s coach, Jim Montgomery.

Western Michigan

Andy Murray at the head of his ginger family table.

And, finally, tUMD.

tUMD men’s and women’s players spend Thanksgiving with Pierre-Marc Bouchard, pictured in yellow shirt.

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  1. 4 December 2014 8:40 pm

    Pios Just warming up for the trip to Ithaca ;-] Sand Creek is not on the schedule this year.


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