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When Bears Fly

9 December 2014

tUMD 2, tOSU 2 (tUMD SO win)/tUMD 4, tOSU 1
tUMD 3, CC 2 (OT)/tUMD 7, CC 2

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram! I promise it’s not full of selfies and pictures of lattes. Just fun hockey and Duluth stuff. You can see the crap we threw on the ice for the Teddy Bear Toss, plus a few pix of my trip to the Murder House this past weekend.

I wasn’t able to adequately cover the tUMD-tOSU games this weekend as all I had was the official Twitter account. This made me sad. However, RWD comrade Megan sent me a link to this siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick unassisted shorthanded game-winning goal by Meghan Huertas. Watch this 100x, or more. Simply glorious.

Friday was a bad day for me, as I had a crappy performance on a test, and then I couldn’t follow the women’s game. I got to the men’s game with a few minutes to spare… and found zero other people in my row. Oops. This was not a well-attended game, although my fellow seatmates arrived eventually. Without their bears for the toss, unfortunately, but Biddy came through by going back to his car at the first intermission. We had two bears, one Nordy, and a snowman from Frozen to chuck on the ice for children.

tDogs struggled through the whole game. I guess that’s what a bye week + porking out on Thanksgiving does. I don’t object, I certainly porked out and took a bye… fortnight or so from working out, and I also performed poorly coming out of the bye. However, not every win is nice and pretty, some of them are a grind and struggle every step of the way. CC did a nice job of getting sticks or bodies in the passing and shooting lanes, and they defended very well for most of the game. I was confused why they were so terrible.

I wasn’t confused on Saturday night, when tDogs dominated most of the game. I missed the puck giveaway because we went to Tortureville Bentleyville before the game. We went last year but it was so cold we practically ran through it, but now I wish we’d lingered last year so I didn’t have to go back with the entire population of the arrowhead in attendance, plus a throng of stroller terrorists. We managed to arrive at puck drop but were not in our seats until the first goal was scored. This was because we waited for a whistle. AND WE SIT ON THE AISLE IN THE TOP ROW. FFS PEOPLE. And in the second period we were chatting with some friends in town from Warroad and weren’t in our seats until the second goal was scored BECAUSE WE WAITED FOR A WHISTLE AGAIN OMG IT’S NOT THAT HARD. It wasn’t a big deal since there were 5 more goals scored we were able to see from our seats.

tUMD men are headed to the Yoop to take on the nerds this weekend, and tUMD women are OFF FOR A WHOLE MONTH. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO???????

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