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Season’s Greetings!

28 September 2015

tUMD 4, Lindenwood 3 (OT)/tUMD 4, Lindenwood 1

Hockey. HOCKEY HOCKEY HOCKEY. HOCKEY. Real hockey. Hockey that means something in the standings and the PWRs.

Excuse the stream of consciousness. I am glad to see the season is underway. I hope I am watching meaningful hockey well into June of 2016. (Since I don’t watch teams other than my own, don’t bother to point out that it’s a given there will be meaningful hockey in June.)

Coach Crowell is still undefeated as coach of the Bulldogs. Though this is her first official head coaching position, her record as an interim head coach does count toward her overall record, so she isn’t undefeated in her career. Fun facts!

On Saturday, tUMD had a little scare as Lindenwood tied the game with the extra attacker with 17 seconds left in the game. Ugh. Until that point, the Dogs had led nearly the entire game, as Linnea Hedin scored her first goal as a Bulldog 7 minutes in. Freshman-to-watch Reagan Haley got her first goal in her first game as a Doggie, and Lara Stalder also scored in regulation. Shara Jasper, once a Bulldog, scored and assisted on the 2nd and 3rd goals for the… (wait a minute, checking what this school’s mascot is) Lions! They are the Lions. Anyway, Jasper got points against her former team. Good for her I guess. Fearless Leader Ashleigh Brykaliuk rescued tDogs from a brother-kisser by scoring with a minute to go in OT.

Sunday tUMD didn’t mess around. I’ll chalk the scary Saturday almost-tie up to working out the kinks of the new regime and new lineups. Olympian Lara Stalder had two goals (one on the PP), and Michela Cava and Bryks had the other two goals. The Lions’s only goal came from the Gillanders dynasty (Britannia).

tDogs face a much tougher task this upcoming weekend, facing BC and the Alex Carpenter buzzsaw in Boston. I think they’ll put up a good fight. The coaching staff has seen BC plenty and should have a good scouting report.

This weekend turned out a heck of a lot better than winning an exhibition game 1-0 on an opponent’s own goal, no?

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