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Double, Double Toil and Trouble

8 October 2015

This weekend is going to be exciting! tUMD women are playing in Buttmidji, and tUMD men are playing a home and away against Buttmidji. The opponent isn’t the exciting part; we all know the Beavers play incredibly boring hockey.

However!!! This is a fantastic opportunity! How often can one see both Bulldog hockey teams on the same road trip? The women play at 2:07 and the men play at 7:07, so it’s a perfect double feature! While you were most likely charged an ASTRONOMICAL fee for tickets to the men’s game, the women’s games are a bargain at $9. Drive over early, see the women beat up on the Beavers for a sweep, and then see the men beat up on the Beavers for another sweep!

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