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Harvard vs Harvard

2 December 2015

The Harvard of the Midwest 4, The Harvard of the East Coast 2/The Harvard of the Midwest 1, The Harvard of the East Coast 4

I really have to stop being confident. The second I express anything other than utter despair or terror over tUMD’s play, I get burned.

Case in point: I was feeling quite joyous over tUMD’s victory on Black Friday. tDogs scored early (Bryks 31 seconds in), which I missed because I was late to the game because… basically because I suck and can’t manage my time very well. I stepped through the gates of the arena at the exact moment the Crimson scored their first of the game, on a PP seconds after a 5×3 ended. Harvard scored in the second period on another 5×3, which was concerning. But tDogs scored 3 unanswered, including a PPG from Catherine Daoust.

So I got excited and tweeted this:

So then it was annoying to show up on Saturday (with my food donation) to see… not the best game ever. Nothing was clicking for the Dogs, and they didn’t get a goal until the 3rd period (Stalder). I don’t get it. I mean, Harvard played better, but tDogs just could not find the same spark they had on Friday. I did have an enjoyable time watching the game with Bruce Ciskie and Bruce Jr., but I would have liked to have seen more goals scored by tUMD and fewer by Harvard.

tDogs play SCSU this weekend, and it’s #FromTopShelfToFoodShelf weekend as well, so I think the gals will be extra motivated to shellac the Huskies. Pledge if you can!

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