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>Postcards from RWD Vol. 2: National Champions

10 April 2006

>The second installment of the RWD correspondence centers on players from the 2006 national champions, the Wisconsin Badgers.

Dear Mike Eaves,

Are you a bad father? Is that why your son was working for the other team? I hope this doesn’t make your Easter dinner awkward.


Dear Brian Elliott,

You tend goal like a man, but you grow a playoff beard like a stud.

Love and Admiration,

Dear Robbie Earl,

Congratulations on winning a national championship. It’s not every day you get to simultaneously take two sports to the next level. You flopped on the ice in yet another spectacular dive, but when your best buddies in stripes failed to acknowledge it, you parlayed it into a goal. A stroke of genius, for sure.
That’s really not the issue at hand, though. You see, I saw you on TV during intermission, and you have a big problem. Or, rather, several big problems erupting all over your face. I’ve said this to Marian Gaborik (or at least, his face on a commercial on FSN-North), and I’ll say it to you. Without revealing what I do for a living (because writing this blog is its own reward), let me just say, Robbie, I can help. You do not need to go on national television looking like a pizza face. Trust me, Robbie. Even the wives of top hockey executives trust me for advice on matters of the skin.

Love and an Awkward Hug as I Avoid Getting the Oil from Your Face on Me,

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