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>Postcards from RWD Vol. 3: Once (and Future?) Bulldogs

10 April 2006

>You can’t expect me to only write to other teams. I’ve got a few letters to Bulldogs as well.

Dear T.J. Caig,

Now, there’s a name we don’t hear around these parts too often! It’s nice to see you doing so well this year over in the Blylevenlands. I hear you have an epiphany and buckled down, focusing on your game again. Well, I wish you’d had your epiphany earlier, but that’s neither here nor there.
Do you think that it’s weird that I had a dream about you the other night? You sent me an email about how much you like this site. Also, do you think it’s weird that in my dream email, your grammar and spelling were atrocious?

Sweet Dreams,

Dear Ryan Geris,

I’m not trying to push you to make a decision about coming back next year, I promise. I just want to tell you, I support you either way. On the one hand, I worry about your safety. I was so angry last year, in that game against Vermont, where you were checked from behind and no call was made. Think what you could have done if you hadn’t been injured again. Heck, you had as many points as Mike Curry, in only 6 games. My fear is that some goon *cough*GeoffPaukovich*cough* will take you out of the game (or worse) for good. On the other hand, we need you. We need a strong leader on the blue line, as well as in the locker room.
We appreciate you, Ryan, for all you’ve done for Bulldog hockey, and we’re all anxious to find out what you’ve decided.

Thank you,

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