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>The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: CC

13 October 2006

>We’re in the home stretch, people!

I have to say, my biggest complaint about CC has been a serious lack of effort. This is the same crap that happened two years ago, when I started the Hottie Team. I swear they took their pictures right after practice. You’ll understand why.

The Good
There’s only one entry on the CC Good list, and it’s Dan Quilico, and I’m sure people will disagree. But you know what? Make your own damn list. Oh yes, the claws are comin’ out.

The Bad
If I put one brother on the Bad list, I’ve gotta put the other one, too. It’s only fair. So sorry, Lee Sweatt, you were close this year, and sorry, Bill Sweatt, but you’re just too young-looking. (No, Anonymous Poster, I do NOT like Aaron Carter.) There’s always next year… for one of you, at least. That also means Mike Testwuide is S.O.L., too.
I guess CC is the place to play hockey after you’ve gotten out of prison, as Brandon Polich, Chris Kawano, Scott McCulloch and Braydon Cox all look like they’ve done hard time.
Non-celebrity look-alikes include Kris Fredheim, who looks like a Navy buddy of mine, except cracked out; Chad Rau, who looks like this kid who worked in the Nuclear Radiation Lab with me, if that kid had brown hair instead of blonde; Cody Lampl, who looks eerily like Marco Peluso; and Nate Prosser, who reminds me somewhat of my sister-in-law’s ex-boyfriend, a man who once told me “Dale Earnhardt is the greatest man who ever lived,” without a drop of sarcasm in his voice.
Brandon Straub must have been the first person to have his picture taken, since it looks like he just took his helmet off. The rest of the guys had a little time to at least do some finger combing, or use one of those black combs you get for free during school pictures. UMDDogz knows all about those.
Jack Hillen and James Brannigan look really, really old for college hockey. Matt Zaba not only looks old, but also very ’70s, which makes sense, because doesn’t it seem like he’s been at CC for, like, 30 years?
On the flip side, there are so many young-looking guys on this team I was thinking it was a Pee-Wee team. Addison DeBoer, Brian Connelly, Matt Overman, Andreas Vlassopoulous and Brian McMillin (and the aforementioned Billy Sweatt) all look like freshmen… in high school.
It seems like Jake Gannon and Derek Patrosso had a bad practice, as they are totally grumpy-looking. Maybe Scott Thauwald could cheer them up, as he looks like he is a funny, funny man.
Drew O’Connell is going to get off easy, as I couldn’t think of a sassy remark for him. Lucky you, man. Oh wait, how about: you look like Bucky Badger, too.

The Ugly
Jimmy Kilpatrick once speared a Bulldog player, and thus he resides on the Uggo list.

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