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12 September 2009


In the basement awhile ago, I found a program from the 2003-2004 season. It’s kind of amazing. I mean, Justin May has more hair. It’s from a January series against Michigan Tech. This was prepared before these guys had any idea they were going to be in the Frozen Four. I mean, yeah, I’m sure they hoped they would, because who doesn’t. But they weren’t making plans to visit the Freedom Trail and eat at Legal Seafood or anything.

The team photo is laid out really weird. It’s not all seniors in the front. Probably because there were only 5 seniors (NO ONE FORGET ABOUT MATT KLEIN. He is very nice and funny!) so Stauffacher is kind of jammed in there (probably because he was an assistant captain) and Beau is sitting in the middle flanked by all the coaches. I’ve never seen them do a picture in quite this way before. The coaches are not wearing skates, incidentally. Dan Kronick is in the photo and he looks ugly as ever. Couldn’t he have put a bag over his head, or worn a veil or something?

I did not know Evan Schwabe was majoring in elementary and middle school education. And Tim Hambly was a math major. You all know how I feel about math.

There’s an unintentionally hilarious photo of Park Point, which would be more unintentionally hilarious if it had Junior Lessard in it. (That’s for you, Dirty.) There’s also this advert for an optometrist that has Champ telling a basketball ref that he needs new glasses. I know it’s a basketball ref because Champ is wearing a basketball jersey, and he has a potbelly. It’s like middle-aged Champ.

The “Spotlight” feature is on T.J. Caig. It’s in English, unlike the last feature I read on ol’ Teej. He likes Trevor Linden, Pop-Tarts, and Kurt Cobain. (I wonder if some of the kids on the current team have even heard of Kurt Cobain. TJ is like 10 years older than some of them.)

This was Jamie Russell’s first season as the MTU head coach. They had 2 wins at that point in the season. Ah, good old reliable Tech. But one of those wins was against UMD. Hmm. It wasn’t even a Tech win, it was a regular 2-pointer!

There is a coupon for a free cup of coffee with a gas fill-up at a Holiday Stationstore. It has no expiration date. I’m clipping it now!

The program ends with a column written by ambiguously-named Jess Myers. He talks about the “New DECC” project. Truly a visionary! He wrote “a myriad of” instead of myriad. Argh. I hate that. But he does mention UMD’s raucous road trippers made more noise at Magness than the DU fans. This is unsurprising. It’s like a morgue. Except when that high school kid wanted to fight me. He looked like a woodchuck. He picked the Bulldogs to sweep Tech. And he was right!

I really need to hang on to more of these programs. Ahhh, memories!

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