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>Dream Team

14 September 2009

>“There is no team like the best team, which is our team right here! We will show you, we’re the best team of the very little league this year!” (from You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown)

Here’s how the draft washed out. I made one mistake in that I totally forgot Jordan Schroeder was still available when I had my first pick; and I accidentally picked Ben Blood even though he sucks, but that was only because I had him graded a D but color-coded orange, which was the color for Bs. Eek. I dropped him immediately after the draft and replaced him with Drew Akins. We drafted 7th out of 7.

Brady Hjelle, UMD
Patrick Wiercioch, DU
Joe Colborne, DU
Jack Connolly, UMD
Dylan Olsen, UMD
Mike Louwerse, MSUM
Brett Olson, MTU
Nick Leddy, UMTC
Tommy Grant, UAA
Drew Akins, UMD
William Wrenn, DU
Austin Lee, MSUM
Michael Davies, UW
Kane Lafranchise, UAA
Malcolm Gwilliam, MTU
Jordy Murray, UW

Here are the other guys, in draft order. I won’t reveal their identities, though they are free to identify themselves.

Marc Cheverie, DU
Garrett Raboin, SCSU
Garrett Roe, SCSU
Kael Mouillierat, MSUM
Brendan Smith, UW
Drew Shore, DU
Luke Salazar, DU
Jake Marto, UND
Billy Sweatt, CC
Ben Street, UW
Matt Donovan, DU
Kevin Murdock, MSUM
Brett Bennett, UW
Craig Smith, UW
Jared Festler, SCSU
Lee Baldwin, UAA

Brad Eidsness, UND
Ryan Lasch, SCSU
Cade Fairchild, UMTC
Jay Barriball, UMTC
Blake Geoffrion, UW
Danny Kristo, UND
Deron Cousens, MTU
Dan Dunn, SCSU
Zach Budish, UMTC
Rylan Galiardi, MSUM
Jacob Cepis, UMTC
Joe Howe, CC
Justin Schultz, UW
Paul Phillips, DU
Rylan Schwartz, CC
Seth Helgeson, UMTC

Alex Kangas, UMTC
Justin Fontaine, UMD
Rhett Rakhshani, DU
Mike Connolly, UMD
Kevin Clark, UAA
Jake Gardiner, UW
Gabe Guentzel, CC
Aaron Marvin, SCSU
Geoff Irwin, MSUM
David Fischer, UMTC
Jordy Christian, SCSU
Kris Fredheim, CC
Andy Bohmbach, UW
Nils Backstrom, UAA
Kent Patterson, UMTC
Josh Lunden, UAA

Mike Lee, SCSU
Anthony Maiani, DU
Kurt Davis, MSUM
Derek Stepan, UW
Jason Gregoire, UND
Ryan McDonagh, UW
Brett Hextall, UND
Jordan Baker, MTU
Curtis Leinweber, UAA
Mike Cichy, UND
Ben Hanowski, SCSU
Nate Prosser, CC
Jon Olthius, UAA
David Toews, UND
Nicholas Rioux, SCSU
Mario Lamoureaux, UND

Bryce Christianson, UAA
Jordan Schroeder, UMTC
Chay Genoway, UND
Tony Lucia, UMTC
Aaron Ness, UMTC
Mike Hoeffel, UMTC
Kyle Ostrow, DU
Drew Dobson, MTU
John Mitchell, UW
Jordan Fulton, UMD
Stephen Schultz, CC
Sam Lofquist, UMTC
Trevor Hunt, UAA
Ben Grotting, UW
Brad Malone, UND
Jesse Martin, DU

Tyler O’brien, CC
Chris VandeVelde, UND
Ryan Flynn, UMTC
Tyler Ruegsegger, DU
Darcy Zajac, UND
Patrick Johnson, UW
Zach Harrison, MSUM
Brandon Vossberg, DU
Mike Testwuide, CC
Andy Sackrison, MSUM
Corey Fienhage, UND
Channing Boe, MSUM
Derrick Lapoint, UND
Andreas Vlassopoulos, CC
Evan Trupp, UND
Joe Gleason, UND

TEAM COUGARS for the win!

6 Comments leave one →
  1. 14 September 2009 8:08 am

    >#1 – Random Gopher hater/WCH blog reader#2 – 2nd favorite team is Gophers but not an SCSU fan#3 – the eventual winner of this #4 – SCSU fan for sure … regular UAA blog reader#5 – Gopher fan — probably an active USCHO poster#6 – likely a UND fan – last place finisher

  2. 14 September 2009 4:18 pm

    >You have demonstrated great taste and acumen selecting Wiercioch, Colborne, and Wrenn.#3 does appear to be a strong team, but Kangas

  3. 14 September 2009 5:52 pm

    >All idiots. #6 will dominate!!!!

  4. 15 September 2009 2:52 am

    >Ahh! RWD! Should've picked Fontaine over Wiercioch! Ah well. Wiercioch will treat us well. 🙂

  5. 15 September 2009 3:54 am

    >I cannot be blamed. If YOU had called me or been available for comment, we would have drafted differently.But, I also didn't want to have such a homer team.

  6. 15 September 2009 6:51 pm

    >I like team #2 Jake won't be able to play until Jan 1st, but will still win the scoring title.


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