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14 October 2013

tUMD 2, WCHA Proles 1/tUMD 1, WCHA Proles 1
tUMD 3, Formerly Racist Mascots 4/tUMD 3, Formerly Racist Mascots 3

Hello, the shoot-out is a problem.

Glad I got that out in the open. It was the Bryant McKinnie in the room. Supposedly Duluth drinking water is the best in Minnesota, but perhaps there’s something in the water that affects hand-eye coordination, or one-on-one saveability, or something that would explain why neither of our beloved hockey teams can win a freaking shootout. Or score a goal in a shootout. Really. It’s a massive disaster.

tUMD women were in Grand Forks this weekend, and I was really hoping they’d get wins 351 and 352 in order for Minister of Truth Brad Schlossman to whine some more about how tUMD is trolling the NCAA or something. Unfortunately in both games tUMD was leading, only to let the games slip away. They will be back home against the Gophers, who still haven’t lost, and I think it’s about time that streak comes to an end. Especially since the faux-fascination with the Gopher women has ended, now that their mediocre men’s team and disastrous football team are playing again. Thanks for providing your fans with a little vignette of victory before they abandoned you for the teams about whom they actually care, Gopher women. Sorry your fans are such jerks, but now you know what the rest of us already knew.

tUMD men hosted Michigan Tech in their first games in separate conferences in almost half a century. These games will not go down in the annals of history as good, skilled, entertaining, up-tempo hockey games. Both games saw tUMD struggle to score once, then let Tech back into the game late. On Friday, the Dogs were able to strike again and seal the deal, but Saturday, even with an overtime power play, tDogs couldn’t bring home the sweep. Dom Toninato was lost halfway through the game to some sort of assuredly bogus penalty (which I didn’t even remotely see, but have I ever let that get in the way?) and the Dogs did kill that penalty, as well as all Michigan Tech penalties, masterfully. The only special teams problems were the SHG from Tech on Friday (as a result of Tech going from two players in the box to one, just as the puck went by the penalty box) and the inability to convert on the two-man advantage. tDogs did get one PPG this weekend, so at least the special teams net was even.

Sorry for the lateness of this recap, as well as the condensedness of it, but you can blame that on Biddco. Why? Because.

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  1. 14 October 2013 8:06 pm

    I have a problem with a “sudden death” shoot out. OT is sudden death. But Each team should have an equal number of chances. to score in a shootout. Gunfight at the rink, (after 3 tries each) whichever team draws blood first wins.

    The NHL has designated enforcers–The NCHC designated shooters.


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