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Beat the Streak!

15 October 2013

So, this weekend, tUMD women host the UMTC women. The Gophers have not lost since February 17, 2012. This has to stop. Friday, it has to stop.

It’s not going to be an easy task, I’ll grant you that. Our games against the Gophers last year weren’t the best, although we did do something most teams couldn’t do: we actually led in one of the games. After a disappointing weekend in Grand Forks, I think our women are primed to work out some of that frustration on the unsuspecting Gophers, and I think they have as good a shot as any to take the Gophers down.

I’m going on Friday, and due to circumstances beyond my control, I’m going to the game by myself. (I am working on Saturday.) I don’t really want to go to the game by myself. So, here’s the deal: I will buy your ticket to Friday’s game. Sit with me, cheer with me, support our Bulldogs, all for free! With the added bonus of being at a hockey game with me! Because who doesn’t want that?! (Note: this isn’t compensated by tUMD athletics or by any sponsor, this is just me not wanting to sit alone at a hockey game, and also hoping to drum up some additional support for the team.)

Don’t roll your eyes at me, don’t scoff at women’s hockey for being “slow” or for not being physical enough. Just come to the game with me, with an open mind, and have some fun.

Also, if you already purchased a ticket to the game, are a student and get in free, or are just uncomfortable taking a free ticket for some unfathomable reason, I still would like to sit with someone at the game.

So, shoot me an email (runwiththedogs at hotmail dot com) or a tweet or a carrier pigeon and take me up on my offer!


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