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The Winter of My Discontent

10 December 2013

tUMD 2, Bad Boyz 4/tUMD 1, Bad Boyz 5
tUMD 5, BU 6/tUMD 2, BU 4 (the less said about the second game against Russia, the better)

I am determined to prove a villain
And hate the idle pleasures of these days.

Hello, comrades. What a strange week it has been! It snowed a lot, which we all know, unless living underground in a secret nuclear fallout shelter.

I mention the snow, not because it’s noteworthy, but because it’s relevant to the whole weekend. For you see, I live on a street which is not plowed in a timely fashion. So, Tuesday, I missed classes (street not plowed). Wednesday, classes were cancelled. Thursday, I missed classes (street not re-plowed). Friday, I got plowed in, spent an hour shoveling, waited for the bus in double-digit-below temperatures, attended some of my classes, and then took the bus back home to shovel some more, because it had been six weeks since I’d seen a Bulldog hockey game and I wasn’t going to miss it. I moved a lot of snow through my sheer determination, but time was working against me, and I decided I’d cleared enough to wedge my way out of my driveway.

For the first time ever, I was wrong. Well, technically not wrong. I probably COULD have gotten out of the driveway, had someone been standing behind my car directing me how to back out, but instead, I got my front tires buried and was completely blocking the street. I dug desperately at the snow and ice underneath my car and surrounding my tires, but I couldn’t get it going. And of course cars were seeing me, backing up, and probably cursing my name to the heavens as they found another way to wherever they were going.

FINALLY, three women stopped their car, helped me dig out, pushed my car, and got me back into the driveway. My heart grew three sizes that day.



So, I feel compelled to do good deeds. I hope you do too. First up on my list is a donation to Northern Lakes Food Bank, coming on payday. $5 per Bulldog goal this weekend, both teams combined. I’ll do another post to remind everyone of this. If you can join me in making any kind of similar pledge, even if it’s $1 or 1 can of soup, please do.

Back on topic: I finished digging my car out and made it to the game, frozen solid, by the beginning of the second period. I was pretty pumped! Even though they were out of porketta dogs. I had a wild rice brat instead, which has a better bun. Justin Crandall scored a PPG and all was right in the world.

Two absolutely hideous breakdowns in sanity led to two completely unnecessary St. Cloud goals. I feel massive amounts of secondhand embarrassment and shame for the two players who had these breakdowns in sanity… and firsthand embarrassment and shame for myself for what happened the next night.

Saturday, because I hadn’t frozen myself enough, I went to Bentleyville with my family. It was cold. But, dinosaurs! And also Count von Count. It is really pretty there, and I might go again if it is warmer, so I can roast some marshmallows.

And then the embarrassment and shame. Did ANYTHING good happen in Saturday’s game? Did ANYTHING good happen on Saturday at all? tUMD men got swept, tUMD women got swept, tUMD volleyball lost in the playoffs to the hated Concordia. Somehow Biddco managed to praise this weekend, and he had it worse than I did, because he had to spend the weekend with St. Cloud fans. Yargh.

We waited six weeks, SIX WEEKS, between home games, and we come back and get this garbage? Unpleasant, to say the least. Disappointing. Unacceptable.

This upcoming series is a must-sweep, I am going to have to say for both teams. For the men, it’s not because of any future implications, because I don’t have sky high expectations for this season, but because last weekend was such a disappointment. For the women, because I do have somewhat high expectations for the team. Come on folks, I know you’re better than that. Guys, take out all the frustration you had better be feeling on Western Michigan. Women, do what the men couldn’t do and take out the Huskies. Score in bunches, in torrents, in blitzkriegs. And if you don’t score? PEOPLE ARE GOING TO GO HUNGRY! How’s that for motivation?


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