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Top Shelf to Food Shelf, Year One

20 December 2013

Ok, I realize the ship has sailed for recapping the games from last weekend. But come on, it’s finals week. I spent too much time on campus too early AND too late, and drank too much coffee. I did still manage to get to both hockey games, which is more than I can say for, like, half of the arena and 75% of the student section. So we looked really lame and pathetic on national television on Saturday night.

But, Top Shelf To Food Shelf went on as planned! I’ve always known RWD readers/Twitter followers were the absolute creme de la creme of the interwebs, and of course I was proven right once again. The generosity of people I know increased my own donation tenfold! I ended up donating $59, but our total donation was $508 $513 $543, 10 cans of soup, and one jar of peanut butter in honor of Kevin Gorg! (This is not actually 10x, but I increased my own donation a little bit to top up at $500, so I ended up donating a little more than I’d planned, and then a few more donations came in after so we ended up over $500 anyway!) In some ways, it still feels small when compared to the number of people in our communities who need help meeting basic needs, but our donation will still make a direct impact in our own communities.

Thanks to all the Bulldog men and women, enemy players, and Pee-Wees who scored and/or made saves to help raise money! My dad also won Joe Basaraba’s jersey on Saturday night so we got to go say hello to him and I made a doofus of myself. Still the same old RWD. Just now even older.

We are totally doing this next year, although I plan to move it a weekend earlier since there were a lot of teams not playing. I look forward to seeing how much more we can raise now that this is an established and legit fundraiser!

edited on 12/23 to reflect Biddco’s additional $5 donation!
edited again on 12/23 as Jon rounded up from $70 to $100!

And, though I am sure you have nothing but complete faith in me, here is my proof of donation:


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