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Things Fall Apart

12 October 2015

tUMD –, Buttmidji –/tUMD 2, Buttmidji 3
tUMD 0, Buttmidji 2/tUMD 1, Buttmidji 2 (OT)

There’s a lot to talk about and none of it good. That’s my favorite kind of blog post. Or, in honour of Canadian Thanksgiving, favourite.

Friday. Well, Friday was a nice advertisement for 811, the number to call before you dig! (Although Minnesota Power says its contractor struck a private line, which would not be uncovered with a One Call. They should have done a four way sweep!) So there was no game. And there will probably be no makeup game. I know they say it’s postponed, but come on. When are they going to have it? That’s all anyone could talk about at the rink on Saturday.

tUMD women had their own power outage, shut out by Mowat and the Beavs on Friday night. Maddie Rooney relieved Kayla Black in the second period, and kept tDogs in the game, but they could not get anything past Brittni Mowat.

Saturday we made the depressing drive across Highway 2 to Bemidji for the games. We made it there just in time for the start of the game. For me, that’s pretty good. My brother, sister-in-law, and nephew came over from Grand Forks, so I was excited to take my nephew to his first Bulldogs game. He was into it.


He was specifically into the lights behind the goal. It was a paradigm shift for him to see that green means “stop,” as the green light game on when play stopped. But he enjoyed himself thoroughly, as did his stuffed bunnies.

tUMD took an early lead on a Demi Crossman shorthanded goal. Unfortunately, Bemidji tied it up in the second, and then went on to win with a minute and a half to go in OT. I was a sad panda, but I still felt confident tUMD men would pick up my spirits. We met up with some friends at the Corner Bar before checking into our hotel, ate at the world’s slowest Subway, and then said bye to my sister-in-law and nephew before heading over to the arena to meet Biddco and Broco.

We got the second worst seats in the arena. We thought they were the worst until Biddy pointed out the actual worst seats, right behind us.

You know they’ll sell them for the UND series this weekend.

tUMD men discovered it’s tough to play hockey with both hands around your throat. I don’t know why that’s a surprise, but yet it seemed to be. Obviously the postponed game threw them off their rhythm, but the game was postponed for Bemidji, too. Now I know Bemidji treats these games against tUMD like their version of a national championship, but that’s still no excuse. tDogs needed to be prepared and stay out of the box. Instead, they had 22 minutes worth of penalties and lost a defenceman for most of the game. Not what we wanted to see.

tDogs struck first, as A&Dubs got a shorthanded goal. Unfortunately, just like in the women’s game, that was NOT a sign of success. Bemidji scored on that same power play to tie it, then took the lead in the second. tDogs tied it up 30 seconds later, just as the announcer finished announcing Bemidji’s goal. Austyn Young shut those fans up pretty quickly.

I had the worst feeling I was going to see two overtime losses in one day, but it wasn’t to be. Instead, the Dogs lost with 22 seconds left in regulation! How kind of them not to drag it out. The students (who are really lazy and terrible fans, and didn’t do a SINGLE taunt about the postponed game, that is really pathetic, people!) gave us the Hakstol Hello as they exited the building, and we left dejected. At least it was warm out when we left the arena.

Sunday my family and I went to Itasca State Park, so that was fun. We took advantage of the 80 degree weather, but the Biblical-level ladybug plague dampened our fun a bit.

Now tUMD men face an away & home series against the Gophers, who have yet to score a goal this season. That should be hilarious. I’ll see you all on Friday night at AMSoil for tUMD vs MSUM (no, I’m not going to Mariucci, I already got fleeced by BSU so I don’t need to pay scalper prices at the box office two weekends in a row!) for what I hope will be better hockey than we saw this weekend.

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