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The Ties That Bind

26 October 2015

(tUMD 3, Racist Mascots 3) x 2

Ew. What a couple of boring games. One where tDogs gave the game away, and one where they clawed themselves back into the game.

Mix in a power play goal, would ya? Like maybe on one of the 5x3s from Friday, or during the time in between when you were STILL ON THE PP because Adam Johnson got elbowed in the face. That was not the time for a shorty.

I am not a PWR wonk but I do have to wonder if a 1-1-0 weekend would have been better than a 0-0-2 weekend. If there’s anybody out there who knows (or anybody out there at all, blogging is basically dead), let me know.

All is not lost, though! We do have another Hockey East opponent, this upcoming weekend even! Now a sweep of Lowell is basically a necessity. They are 3-0-2, but 2 of those wins are against CC and thus don’t count. It’s like beating a Class A Section 1 high school team.

Also worth mentioning: seeing tDogs on TV in HD was nice. Just, you know, sayin’. That’s all.

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