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It’s a Chico Kind of Day

30 October 2015

Thanks, Minnesota Hockey Magazine, I’m hot-linking your photo.

Tonight, the jersey of tUMD Hall-of-Famer Glenn “Chico” Resch will be retired in a pre-game ceremony. Most people know him as an NHL player and an analyst for the Devils.

Of course, he wasn’t known as Chico when he was at tUMD, since the nickname comes from his resemblance to Freddie Prinze’s character on Chico and the Man.

Here is a ten minute video of a pre-game brawl between the Flyers and the Canadiens in which Chico was tangentially involved. It is mostly sweaty men in various states of undress clinging desperately to each other.

This is the Devils’ tribute to Chico on “Chico Resch Night.” Really, you should watch it, because it’s pretty cool. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a player/analyst/basically anyone in hockey honor fans in quite that way.

A Masterson trophy winner and All-Star with his name engraved on the Stanley Cup, I’d say Chico has represented tUMD well as a player, but he’s also demonstrated the kind of character, integrity, and quirkiness we expect from Bulldogs. It’s pretty amazing to see all he’s accomplished as a professional when you look at the numbers he put up while at tUMD. Looking at his stats alone (28-45-2, 4.35 GAA, 0.876 SV%), one would wonder why someone with such inauspicious numbers would have his jersey retired. I think it sends a message to former, future, and current Bulldogs, that you are not just a Bulldog for the four (we hope) years you’re here, you’re a Bulldog for life.

Congrats, Chico, we’ll see you tonight. Let’s go Doggies!

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