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15 November 2015

tUMD 0, Floppioneers 3/tUMD 2, Floppioneers 1 (2OT)
tUMD 0, Shutout Queens 3/tUMD 2, Shutout Queens No More 4

Saturday I really, really dreaded going to the hockey games. That is not a good feeling. Hockey isn’t a job or an unpleasant familial obligation or indentured servitude. It’s supposed to be my entertainment.

It’s hard not to dread going to games when your teams scored a combined ZERO GOALS the day before. I can’t say how well tUMD women played on Friday because I can’t go taking time off of work to go to games. I don’t like the switch to Friday-Saturday day games like this. I’m going to guess it wasn’t the best game they’ve ever played since they hadn’t played in TWENTY FREAKING DAYS, but I can’t say for sure. Maddie Rooney hung in there and saved 34/37, but the offense wasn’t back in their groove yet and couldn’t score on the Commies, who hadn’t allowed a goal since the first series of the season.

Let’s not slobber too much over that shutout streak, though. Shutting out Ohio State without either Dunne and without a full lineup, St. Cloud, Mankato, and tUMD after a 20 day layoff is hardly impressive. Shutting out Stephanie Anderson and the Beavs is the only real feat. But, whatever. Good for them. Maybe they should try beating the Gophers next, it’s been awhile. Bemidji, UND, and UMD all have more recently beaten UMTC than Wisconsin has. That’s pretty sad!

tUMD women didn’t win on Saturday, but they played pretty darn well. I arrived late, as I am wont to do, and I missed the first two goals for Wisconsin. Essentially this means we tied, since I saw 2 UW goals and 2 UMD goals. Even strength, tUMD won the game, since the Badgers scored 3 PPGs. Which is not so good for the ol’ PK numbers. The first goal from Lindh was so surprising I couldn’t believe it went in. It looked like Lindh had absolutely NO angle, but she somehow sneaked the puck between Desbiens and the post. Lynn Astrup scored her first career goal with about 3 minutes left in the game, making tUMD the first team to score multiple goals in one game against Wisconsin this year, in addition to breaking the shutout. It wasn’t a win, and I would have LOVED to have seen a win, but it was a good effort. tDogs had sustained pressure several times during the game, and some great passing.

The men started off better than expected, until Adam “Robbie Earl” Plant scored first. Which was the exact opposite of what needed to happen. Unlike Friday’s game, tDogs did managed to make some good plays and make some things happen, but after what, 3? breakaways came up empty, there wasn’t a single fan in the stands that wasn’t frustrated. Wait, I did see one Denver fan. I cannot speak to his frustration or lack thereof.

In the third period, Tony Cameranesi put the team on his back, scored, and we all sounded a barbaric yawp of relief. tDogs weathered one final PK after this spectacular dive from Plant (thanks @UMDHockeyGifs!)

and made it to OT. The first OT passed tensely, and then we knew we’d secured a point and could breathe a little because we were no longer in last place!!!!! Plus we got to see 3 on 3 OT. This was my first time seeing it in person, and it was fun! It is interesting to see how strategies change. Line changes were quite interesting. If you’re looking for actual analysis of how strategies changed, you are reading the wrong site.

tDogs are really good at 3 on 3. Either that or Denver is really terrible at it. Either way, Cameranesi scored after Jaillet let a shot dribble through his legs and had no chance of saving it. Even though it goes down in the books as a tie and not a win, it was still a giant leap forward for the team, and it was obvious from their celebration that they were elated and relieved.

Now the men need to show no mercy in Colorado Springs, and the women must do the same in North Dakota. We can build these things together, etc.

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  1. vizoroo permalink
    19 November 2015 10:17 pm

    In conjunction with the with the SPCA we condemn the abduction of any Sasquatch from its natural habitat. Nor would we force its paws into bladed footwear. Soucyquatch should be released back to his natural environment where he can cavort with others of his species.

    Adam Plant was accosted by a “Dawg” 3 inches taller and 40 pounds heavier first with an
    elbow and then a stick to his face, Not a dive, the result of “canine” aggression.


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