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Nightmare on Eleventh Street

14 September 2016

Being a season ticket holder for tDogs comes with some nice perks. Renew your tickets early, you win prizes. Maybe a fan of the game award from Cold Stone, if you’re a nice person. Discounts for being a multi-sport ticketholder. Etc.

There’s also another perk: every year, tUMD athletes hand-deliver season tickets to a select group of season ticket holders. I always joked that if that happened to me, I would keel over and die.

Well, I lived.

Last Thursday, I was lounging in my messy house on my couch in mismatched clothing, playing a game on my computer, watching Star Trek: Generations, when I heard a noise outside my door and then the doorbell rang. I assumed it was going to be someone trying to convert me to their religion or remind me to vote, but no, a crowd of women in hockey jerseys and a dude with a camera standing on my front steps.

Naturally I don’t have any photographic evidence of the encounter. But it happened, I swear! I even told them I write this old rag here, which is a giant leap forward in confidence for me.

The excitement doesn’t end there. While I was having a fantastic conversation with these bright, kind women, Camera Guy was recording it all. I assumed it was for promotional use for tUMD athletics. We know what happens when we assume. I got in to work on Monday (had Friday off!), ready to tell my coworker what had happened, and he stole my thunder.

Me: [Coworker], you won’t BELIEVE what happened on Thursday.
Coworker: You were on the news!

I hope the camera got my good side. Although what side is good when one is wearing a navy sweater and purple running shorts? If I had the footage, I’d post it here, but KBJR doesn’t seem to have it online. What a shame. Also a shame: no footage of my cats.

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This serendipitous event can only portend a successful season for tDogs. Ten more days until hockey!!!! I can’t wait!


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