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Right Out of the Gate

10 October 2016

tUMD 4, Mankato 0 / tUMD 5, Mankato 1

Oh, lookee here. tUMD women are undefeated, two weekends into the season. That hasn’t happened since 2007-08! I’m very excited.

Friday I was late to the game, in fact I missed the entire first period. I made some logistical errors. tDogs had already scored once (Jessica Healey on the PP) and the second period was scoreless, so I was kind of concerned I wasn’t going to see any goals. And I came specifically to see goals.

Not to worry, Katie McGovern, Katka Mrazova, and Jalyn Elmes scored in about 3:30, satiating my appetite for scoring. McGovern and Elmes both had PP goals; I feel I should point out that our second PP has three freshmen (Elmes, Schugel, and Brodt) and they are very good.

Mankato does seem to be better than last year. Good for them. They can beat up on the rest of the WCHA now.

After the game, the team signed autographs. I got in line even though I was tired and had not showered. I still looked better than when they dropped off my season tickets at my house, so that was good. Now I have a nice autographed poster.

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Saturday I was… nearly on time to the game. Living in Duluth has made me very lackadaisical about getting to games on time, especially games I attend by myself (like Friday’s). Lara Stalder scored twice in the first 10 minutes of the game, on her way to a hat trick, assist, and a spot in tUMD’s century club, as she surpassed the 100-point mark. If I had a media guide I could tell you where that puts her all-time, but I don’t.

McGovern and Daoust also scored in the game, and unfortunately Mankato had to ruin Maddie Rooney’s back to back shutouts with less than five minutes to go in the game. I was very sad. But I guess I also feel bad for Mankato and wanted them to at least have one goal to celebrate. Last year was rough for them. Well, every year has been rough for them, I guess.

tDogs face UMTC this upcoming weekend, at Ridder. This is important. Crucial. Etc. The Gophers just split with Bemidji (and Wisconsin TIED Ohio state. TIED! Wisconsin! Ohio State! What! [Wisconsin won the shootout]), so there’s some vulnerability there. Either that or they’ll take out their rage at getting shut out by the Beavs on tDogs. I don’t want that.

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