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All-RWD Honors, Cont’d

13 April 2017

To wrap up the All-RWD Honors team, I bring you the women’s team. The men’s team was announced yesterday. Congratulations to each of these women on this prestigious honor.

All-RWD First Team Honors:

F: Morgan Morse
F: Brooklyn Schugel
F: Ashleigh Brykaliuk
F: Sydney Brodt
F: Reagan Haley
F: Katherine McGovern
F: Lara Stalder
F: Demi Crossman
F: Maria Lindh
F: Michelle Lowenhielm
F: Katerina Mrazova

D: Lauren Niska
D: Sidney Morin
D: Catherine Daoust
D: Jalyn Elmes
D: Emma Yanko
D: Shelby Brossart
D: Lynn Astrup
D: Jessica Healey
D: Linnea Hedin

G: Catherine Johnson
G: Maddie Rooney

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